Monday, November 4, 2013

Use Hair styling tools wisely to prevent hair fall

Use of hair styling tools regularly will definitely result in some hair fall. Therefore using hair styling tools wisely will control the amount of hair fall resulting due to use of hair styling tools.

Styling tools may range from hair irons (flat irons, curling irons), hair dryers, hair brushes, hair rollers to hair pins.

Hair Irons:   These are used to change the structure of hair with the application of heat. Flat irons are used to straighten the hair and curling irons are used to make curls in the hair. Fahrenheit Flat iron uses heat up to 450 degree Fahrenheit depending upon your hair type. Frequent use of flat irons damages your hair quite substantially. Flat irons range from cheap to high end irons depending upon the type of flat iron. Flat irons having 100% Ceramic plates are generally the best some flat irons come with tourmaline coating on ceramic plates which gives smoother look to your hair and results in far less hair damage. Before jumping to buy a flat iron it is very important to know which is the best flat iron for black hair 2015 or your type of hair.

As there are hundreds of flat irons available in the market it is really difficult to select a best flat iron. The flat iron comparison guides will be of great help in deciding on flat iron. Hair conditioning should be done before using flat irons in order to control hair fall.

Hairdryer: This is an electro-mechanical tool used to blow cool or hot air over your wet or damp hair to dry the hair. These also allow controlling the shape and style of hair. But these styles are temporary in nature and will be lost in washing of the hair. Excessive use of hair dryer will cause damage to your hair. Therefore try to use them less frequently instead try sun drying your hair,

Hair Brush: Hair brush is used on longer and for shorter hair. This is used to detangling the hair. Hairbrush is also useful in removing loose hairs. Hard hair brush can damage your hair. So be careful while selecting hairbrush, go for a hairbrush with soft bristles.

Hair Roller: A hair roller is a smallroller used for hair styling and curling hair and comes with blow-dryers. Extensive heat application can cause damage to hair. Therefore heat free rollers should be used to avoid hair fall.

Hair pin: Hair pin is used to hold your hair in place or in a particular style. Some hair pins tend to be very tight that you can easily pull out some of you hair while removing the hair pin from your hair so use soft hair pins to avoid hair fall rather hair pulling.

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